Creating Boho Fringe Coasters - Free Crochet Pattern!

Hey, fellow crafters! We're thrilled to present the fantastic Boho Fringe Coasters crochet pattern by the talented Heather Corinne Crochets.

These coasters are a joy to make, offering a trendy touch to your mug or glass.

Crafted from cotton yarn in a spiral design, these coasters are both a breeze to create and an ideal addition to modern décor.

What sets them apart? The frayed edges exude a bohemian style, instantly elevating the vibe of any space!

Measuring around 4 inches in diameter for the base, these coasters offer flexibility in fringe length—tailor it to your preference for that perfect boho-chic appearance.

Heather's design cleverly combines simplicity and flair. You'll crochet the coaster base before adding the fringe, brushing it out for that wonderfully unraveled, free-spirited look.

Whether you're a crochet enthusiast or just getting started, this pattern is a gem.

The clear instructions and quick process mean you'll have a set of these charming coasters ready in no time.

So, gather your cotton yarn, hooks, and creative spirit—it's time to bring a touch of boho charm to your coffee table.

Dive into Heather Corinne Crochets' tutorial and infuse your space with these delightful, bohemian-inspired coasters!

Images and pattern courtesy of Heather Corinne Crochets

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Source: Heather Corinne Crochets

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