Unicorn Dreams - Creating Your Own Coin Purse Magic

Join Maria Isabel Chabe in this enchanting video tutorial which shows how to crochet a Unicorn Coin Purse through the captivating art of tapestry crochet.

Watch as she skillfully guides you through each step, demonstrating how to bring the eyes and horn of the unicorn to life.

This whimsical creation is composed of a single main piece, adorned with charming little ears and flowers for those perfect finishing touches.

The tutorial not only encompasses the crafting process but also includes detailed instructions for finishing and seamlessly joining your creation to the bag fastening.

Two Color Choices for Endless Possibilities

In the tutorial, Maria Isabel Chabe showcases two color choices, but the beauty lies in the vast array of colors you can play with.

Pastel tones work wonders, adding a touch of magic to your creation.

The mix of Tapestry Crochet technique and appliqués brings out those extra cute touches that make your Unicorn Coin Purse truly special.

Crafting in the Round: A Journey of Single Crochets and More

Watch as Maria Isabel Chabe guides you through crocheting in the round, employing basic single crochet stitches, increases, and decreases.

The bag takes shape, and additional embellishments are added to enhance its charm. The construction starts from the bottom up, all while crafting the eyes and horn that give the unicorn its distinctive character.

Tapestry Crochet: An Artistic Technique

For those new to tapestry crochet, don't worry – it's easier than you think. It adds a unique flair to your projects, allowing you to create intricate drawings and designs.

In tapestry crochet, you crochet with one yarn while one or more threads are carried and wrapped in between the stitches.

The colors are switched throughout rounds to create captivating drawings. Depending on the project, you'll make one or more foundation rows/rounds with one color only before diving into the tapestry crochet portion.

Crafting your Unicorn Coin Purse is not just a creative endeavor; it's an opportunity to infuse magic into your everyday life.

So, grab your yarn and hook, follow along with Maria Isabel Chabe's tutorial, and let's craft a little piece of enchantment together. Your very own Unicorn Coin Purse awaits!

Images and patterns courtesy of chabepatterns.com

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Unicorn Coin Purse

Source: MariaIsabelchabepatterns

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